“Unboxing” the Asus Padfone 2

So I got my hands on a Asus Padfone 2 with a tablet dock. Over the next 3 weeks my main goal is to compare it with the Asus TF600 and the TF700 as a tablet, but I will also take a closer look at the phone. I have no expectations, I’m pretty sure it’s a nice phone, but “Will it tablet?”.

You got mail!

Just one dropped call and someone dies!
Next week I’ll start out by just simply using it as my work phone starting Monday. I’ll report my findings “day by day”, just one dropped call and someone dies. Working as a application manager is life and death. (I normally use a Lumia 920 and a Galaxy S2 and no one have died yet). I’ll also hope to be looking closer at the camera in a separate post. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line (and no, I don’t mean coke)

The Padfone 2 box.. Personally I like girls more.

What’s in the box?
I’ll be sure to put that 10.1inches, WXGA 1280×800 screen to the test with my streaming video library later, but for now lets just open the damn box! Stay tuned for more over the next few weeks!

I hate unboxing videos tbh, but I can see the need to get a close look at what’s inside.
I won’t do a video while jerking off to cardboard boxes, and I will not write a lot of nonsense about the box and wrapping – it’s just below my standards.
I will however give you my first impression of the content inside.

The tablet dock and the phone is all nicely wrapped in protective plastic as usual. Not much to say. It’s all packed like it can be excepted from high end manufacturers nowadays. They all pretty much use the same standard – black cardboard and plastic. Both the phone and the tablet dock feels pretty solid. First impression is important, and Asus delivers.

A tablet and a phone – “Padfone”. I see what you did there Asus..

But inside it gets more interesting, Besides the tablet dock and the Padfone 2 it comes with:

Padfone 2 box content

– ASUS Versa Sleeve X
– USB Charging cable
– Power adapter for the above
– Headphones
– Extra earplugs for the headphone
– converter to micro USB (Asus uses a weird 13-pin connector..)
A pin to open the micro sim card slot.


ASUS Versa Sleeve X makes me feel “special”
I quickly notice the “ASUS Versa Sleeve X” – Dual-positioning multi-angle cover.
I never got this with any of my other Asus tablets (not even with my iPad, what the fawk Apple?). This might no be the best sleeve out there, but hey, it costs you no extra (at least that’s what I try to tell myself..). Most  of the stuff inside is just what can be expected but The “sleeve” is actually what makes me feel special. Good move Asus!

ASUS Versa Sleeve X

Besides the above you get a bunch of warranty papers and a quick start guide. Nothing special and nothing more is really needed to be honest, it’s 2013.

Warranty and a quick start guide

So I made a “Unboxing” review and now I hate myself..
Stay tuned!

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