Padfone 2 Dynamic display technology


One of the main features of the PadFone series is the Dynamic Display technology. In short it’s the switching between the screens while still staying in the active app without the loss of data. It enables seamless transfer of applications from the phone to the tablet and vice versa and is critical for the user experience. Don’t worry, ASUS got it right!

Apps that don’t work as expected are almost nonexistent

Some of you might remember the original PadFone and its fair share of trouble with this tech, which could lead to crashing apps and users loosing all their unsaved data in a worst case scenario etc. That’s all in the past.

Most apps support  “Dynamic Display”
Things have changed, and you get a fluid and seemless user experience now. Apps that don’t work as expected are almost nonexistent. According to ASUS, all top 100 apps in Google’s Play Store work correctly, and 92% of them adjust to the new display orientation and size automatically. Padfone club has made a very nice list if you want to check your favorite app out. 

It’s easy enough to check this for yourself under “Settings/ASUS customized setting/Dynamic display switch list”.Most of the preinstalled apps support this and those apps that don’t support this native can be forced by activating “Keep all applications alive” or select the ones you want, one by one, under the settings.

keep alive
Set “Keep alive” to “ON”

In fact of all the apps I tried there were only one app that did not support “Dynamic Display” switching or could be forced to – Gmail(!). There might be more, but in most cases you can feel confident you apps will switch between the screens in a fluid way.

Only one app not supporting “Dynamic Display” switching

No lag!
The switching itself from one mode to the other has been greatly improved, usually taking no more than a second.

Be the king of kings!
Be sure to demonstrate PadFone 2’s “Dynamic Display” switching modes with a HD video or a game from Google play, it’s working really nice and it looks super cool when you start a video on your phone and then insert it in your tablet to continue watching it seamless and fluid. At work – fire up that PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet on your phone in the middle of a meeting and then, while speaking, insert the phone in your tablet and show everyone who’s the BOSS – Your Padfone are!

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