ASUS Padfone 2 – Fast Bootup

Let’s talk about one of the ASUS customized settings options called “Fast Bootup”.
I’ve seen a lot of questions about this around the community forums – but no real answer that humans can understand. I feel I have to sort out what it is, and of course show you how it works. If you are a geek you already know how this works and why, so go ahead to skip ahead to the video below.

What is “Fast Bootup”?
I Short, it enables you to boot your Padfone 2 in under 4 seconds when powered off. Yes it sounds crazy fast and almost unbelievable. It’s not all without it’s disadvantages, but almost. When enabled, it saves your current state to a cache and then loads it up again on boot. Kind of like when you set your PC to sleep mode. One minor disadvantage, just like when you set your PC to sleep mode, your Padfone 2 still uses some power to keep the saved state alive and ready for your next boot. So with that in mind – use your own judgment.

Anyway, this feature can be pretty handy if you power off your phone often and have a need for a really superfast boot when powered on. In the video below I have compared the boot times, first a normal boot and then with the setting “Fast Bootup” enabled. Enjoy!

And no, it’s not a trick. It’s really this fast.

I have a strong feeling this setting might be trouble when updating etc. so be sure to disable it before you try to boot into recovery or doing an OTA update just to be safe.

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know below. I like to connect to both humans and machines.. 😉

6 thoughts on “ASUS Padfone 2 – Fast Bootup

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  2. Thank you Nigel. No scam, as you can se in the video above. It’s really a superior setting. Useful for any medical personal or other professions that maybe leaves there phone in a locker before a shift and checks in on it regularly to update on SMS, mail etc. My oldest daughter could easily have use for this in her profession as a nurse for instance.

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  4. It is a scam… turn on this feature and every time an app updates itself, the phone turns itself all the way off (meaning it becomes useless as an alarm in the morning).

  5. I have no problem at all as long as I monitor it from going completely out of “juice” (drain out the battery). I can’t see any special use for the “fastboot” however for me that keeps my phone on 24/7 with charging during the night.

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