Padfone 2 – ASUS customized settings

One thing I get asked about over and over again is what the ASUS customized setting does. You’ll find it as a submenu under the ordinary settings of your Padfone 2. Here is what you can do with it.

Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some settings that could use some explanation if you are new to Android and the ASUS Padfone 2 (as I am)

Customized settings
there are some settings that could use some explanation

Launch ASUS Sync

Starts syncing your personal data when connected to a PC. You will however need the ASUS Sync software installed on your PC. For me it’s a rare scenario, but if you want full control over it I would recommend to use ASUS Pad PC Suite (latest version V1.0.42 when I wrote this).  It Includes MyDesktop, Asus Webstorage cloud computing hard drive, and the ASUS sync tool

Launch Pad-only applications
Some apps found in the Play Store are “tablet only”. They wont work when you disconnect your Padfone 2 from the Padstation. Set how you want to handle them when disconnecting your phone:

– Ask before close
– Always search on Play Store
– Always close

Dynamic display switch list
One of the main features of the Padfone series is the Dynamic Display technology. In short it’s the switching between the screens while still staying in the active app without the loss of data. You can read all about this in my previous post and what settings to activate.

Key setting
Set what key to use to make a screenshot – standard setting is the multitask key

Screenshot file format
Choose between JPEG (less file size) or PNG (better quality)

Use ASUS Quick Setting
This is an important setting, lets you choose what shortcuts to be accessible from the menu when you swipe from the top of you screen. Your choice here will probably change over time as you get to know your Padfone 2.
Choose wisely young padawan

Shortcuts accessible from the “top down swipe”

Incoming Call
– Retrieve to select action (take your Padfone 2 out of the Padfone station and select action)
– Retrieve to answer (Take your Padfone 2 out of the Padfone station to answer incoming call)

PadFone charging Policy
Set what you want to prioritize when charging your Padfone 2 docked with the Padfone station. Be sure to use Asus battery widget. It will show what is charging at any given time.

– Intelligent mode (is the best to balance the charge between the two)
– Phone preferred mode
– Power pack mode

Enable Fast Bootup
A Fast startup mode which enables ASUS Padfone 2 to start in no less than 4 seconds. The current “State” of the Padfone 2 is saved in a cache and then loaded again on boot. Kind of of like when you set your PC to sleep mode.
Be sure to disable it if you try to boot into recovery or doing a OTA update just to be safe. Check out a video and see for yourself how superfast it really is!

Enforce MHL output
Sets resolution and video output via MHL, the new standard through the microUSB connector that is capable of taking video and audio via HDMI in 1080p HD resolution.

Enable the Screen Saver
I would use this with caution as it burns through your battery power in no time.

Screen Saver Settings
All kinds of settings to personalize your screen saver. Time out, pictures, display settings etc.

Mouse settings
Set how a mouse will work when connected to your device.

– Right button behavior
– Middle button behavior

7 thoughts on “Padfone 2 – ASUS customized settings

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  2. Hi “Anonymous”. That’s actually just your opinion. Most people I come in contact with tell a different story. Personally I had over 10 devices, motherboards etc. from ASUS and never had any problem with their customer service. I have even sent back motherboards almost after a year and got it replaced free of charge. And if you look at ASUS sales figures for Q4 2012 your opinion doesn’t seem to reflect reality with a growth of 402 percent, shipping 3.1 million Android and Windows 8 tablets during the quarter..

    Tablets sales figures from the International Data Corporation (IDC) show that Apple continues to be the dominant force in tablets, with its iPad and iPad mini selling 22.9 million units during the three month period, giving it a 43 percent market share. However, while shipments were up (from 15.1 million) it’s market share has dropped from 48.1 percent.

    This is as a result of even bigger growth by Samsung and Asus during the quarter. Samsung shipped 7.9m tablets, up from 2.2 million in the previous year, growth of 263 percent, while Asus, who manufactures the popular Nexus 7 tablet, saw growth of 402 percent, shipping 3.1 million Android and Windows 8 tablets during the quarter.

    I’ll tell you what, If you write your story about what you had a problem with and what happened I’ll be happy to read it and even maybe write something about it. But the comment above really doesn’t say anything more than one man having had a bad experience with ASUS after sales customer service – and that could go for any manufacturer out there.

  3. Hi Phyllis!
    The settings under the e-mail client let’s you configure how long back you want to sync your mail. Longest period is one month back.

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