Facebook home – pushes everything else to the “Dark side of the phone”

There’s been a lot of talk during the last year of a “facebook phone”. Zuckerberg have been denying it, referring to the fact that a facebook phone wouldn’t even “move the needle” when it comes to market shares – he’s probably right. So what to do when you want to “move the needle”?

Pushes all other services to the “Dark side of the phone
You launch your own layer – replacing the homescreen, lockscreen widgets with built in SMS taking over the most used services baked in to one almighty facebook layer.

And this is just the beginning, it’s safe to assume there will be support for VoIP, E-mail and built in services using the camera etc. during the months to come.
I see what you did there, smart move Zuckerberg. By creating a layer, facebook now pushes all other services to the “Dark side of the phone” and puts itself in the front.

With already about 680 million active mobile users it’s easy to see who the real winner are in the long run.

You will be born into facebook
It won’t be long before SMS will be completely useless for android users, why use it when the facebook messaging service will be so much easier to use and free? Young people already making good use of Kik and other services will have no problem replacing whatever free service there using today in the form of a app as long as it’s easy and “free”. The next move will be lifting the age restrictions for facebook users and linking children’s accounts to their legal guardian – you will be “born into facebook”. Remember where you read it.

So what does it mean?
Well it’s safe to say it will have impact on companies and Android developers because their apps and services are going to be harder to find way back on the “dark side” of your phone. This will however open up for new ideas and markets for the bold.

Apple probably won’t agree to a layer replacing the “Apple user experience” so you wont see it on your iPad or iPhone anytime soon – this (and the fact that the iPhone already feels like yesterdays news compared to the HTC One etc.) will probably sway many of the already active social network Apple users to look at Android during the next year to come.

Microsoft – the biggest looser
The biggest looser will however be Microsoft, Nokia and Windows Phone, with already a small market share, and there own effort to built in social experience in their OS, “Home” will have a devastating impact, rendering their efforts to be the “The facebook Phone” pretty useless when it comes to the generation looking for a social phone from now on. Your “live tiles” simply wont cut it now.

The threat to privacy and less choice – who cares
It might sound like I’m against it? Hell no, I love to change phones and OS whenever I can and I already use them all day-to-day. If facebook, Instagram and messaging is your big thing this is just good news – you will get better support for it, better hardware, better integrated services. You will get Phones with “Home” built in from start – targeted for the social user experiance.

You will however in the long run get less choice – but you probably won’t care as long as it’s easy enough. With 1.06 billion monthly active users this development was just what could be expected from facebook.

The only big threat is the one to “Privacy” – but for the next generation mobile users this discussion is already over. In fact it was never a real issue for them in the first place – they where born into full transparency having parents giving them away on facebook and Instagram since day one anyway..

And for the rest of us the world will keep spinning as usual..

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