Do you still use your Padfone 2?

I get some questions here on the blog and by e-mail regarding my padfone 2 review(s).


It seems like there some questions going over and over again – I’ll try to answer them here once and for all.

– Do you still use your Padfone 2?
Yes, I use it daily and I’m very happy with the Padfone 2 and the ASUS brand

– Problems with the Padfone 2?
I had none. I know you can get caught up thinking there’s a lot of problems with a product or a brand when reading forums but forums are nothing more than opinions.
I have tried to review the Padfone 2 from a “day to day” user perspective and trust me if I had any problems you would know about it.

– Are you sponsored by ASUS?
Certainly not! I use a lot of brands but in this case there’s not many to choose from. The Padfone 2 is unique and it’s far better than the earlier Padfone models and I believe in the 2 in 1 concept 100%.

– Should I wait for the Padfone Infinity?
If you have a lot of money and need to have the absolute latest tech – then yes. However, I had (have) a lot of tablets and the Padfone 2 is the absolute best so far. For most of us the Padfone 2 will be more than enough.

– Will you review the Padfone Infinity when it comes out?
Good question, I would love to but it’s far to expensive for me to buy. I will however check if I can borrow one from ASUS to test and compare it with my Padfone 2

Facebook for Windows Phone Beta

The facebook app for windows phone have been getting a lot of heat since it’s release. Compared to the Android app it honestly sux and I can understand why people are getting frustrated. Now you can try out the next generation of facebook for Windows Phone with there new beta program here


I’m in love!
At first it doesn’t looke like much, but after a coupple of seconds tinkering I get it. It’s so much faster, easier and lot more fun to use. The  app is undergoing a major redesign and now includes several much-requested features, including new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline(!).

Everything is better, and this is what the app should have been right from the start. With swiping left and right to get your groups, friends etc. Now get this this ready and public!