Do you still use your Padfone 2?

I get some questions here on the blog and by e-mail regarding my padfone 2 review(s).


It seems like there some questions going over and over again – I’ll try to answer them here once and for all.

– Do you still use your Padfone 2?
Yes, I use it daily and I’m very happy with the Padfone 2 and the ASUS brand

– Problems with the Padfone 2?
I had none. I know you can get caught up thinking there’s a lot of problems with a product or a brand when reading forums but forums are nothing more than opinions.
I have tried to review the Padfone 2 from a “day to day” user perspective and trust me if I had any problems you would know about it.

– Are you sponsored by ASUS?
Certainly not! I use a lot of brands but in this case there’s not many to choose from. The Padfone 2 is unique and it’s far better than the earlier Padfone models and I believe in the 2 in 1 concept 100%.

– Should I wait for the Padfone Infinity?
If you have a lot of money and need to have the absolute latest tech – then yes. However, I had (have) a lot of tablets and the Padfone 2 is the absolute best so far. For most of us the Padfone 2 will be more than enough.

– Will you review the Padfone Infinity when it comes out?
Good question, I would love to but it’s far to expensive for me to buy. I will however check if I can borrow one from ASUS to test and compare it with my Padfone 2

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