Xperia Tablet Z (4G) – or the XTZ for short

Just got my hands on the Xperia Tablet Z (4G) with Android 4.2 – or the XTZ for short.
Expect a full review with loads of images any week now.

Android 4.2 in the works

Looks good – feels even better!


Custom made Leather case for your Padfone 2 and tablet!

Whether you’re a millionaire and want your case covered in diamonds or just a regular guy looking for a stylish leather case, Noreve got your phone covered!

Getting a nice protective case for your Padfone 2 and the tablet is not that easy. We’re not spoiled like iPhone users with thousands of different choices. There’s some however, and some of them really nice and exclusive.

Leathers and textures is manufactured by Noreve’s craftsmen on demand within 14 days.

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Hand-crafted case for Padfone 2

Hi guys!
Won’t write a review this time. Just letting you know I’m still trying to get my hands on a Padfone Infinity for a Padfone 2 versus Padfone Infinity article . So far I had little luck with ASUS Nordic but I have still hope they will lend me one as soon as the hype cools off.

Presents comes in a stylish red bag from Noreve

I have however got my hands on a Hand-crafted elegant leather case for the Padfone 2 thanks to the nice people over at Noreve Saint-Tropez Testing it right now and expect a write-up soon. So far I have one word for you – stylish!