Custom made Leather case for your Padfone 2 and tablet!

Whether you’re a millionaire and want your case covered in diamonds or just a regular guy looking for a stylish leather case, Noreve got your phone covered!

Getting a nice protective case for your Padfone 2 and the tablet is not that easy. We’re not spoiled like iPhone users with thousands of different choices. There’s some however, and some of them really nice and exclusive.

Leathers and textures is manufactured by Noreve’s craftsmen on demand within 14 days.

Since 2004, Noreve has specialised in manufacturing high quality, leather cases for mobile devices. Unique design and southern French style permeate the whole of the collection which is available in several ranges.

Most of it can be customized and let’s you choose color and material like “exclusive vintage texture” or “varnished leather selection”. The cool thing is that there actually handmade (and no, not by children) and you can order them directly from their website to be shipped all over the world. Nice, Yes?

Can I finally feel equally stylish as my noob iPhone friends?
So I decided to try out one of their cases for my Padfone 2 and my tablet for a week and se how they work out. I wont do a unboxing of it, but they come very exclusively packed in a red and black box. Both of them in a soft red bag protecting them.

Comes very exclusively packed

Lets talk about the tablet first. For me it’s the most important one. The one thing I really have been missing for my Padfone 2 tablet is a real “iPad like” case that lets me get to my phone without having to take the tablet out of it’s case. And it looks like this is finally it!

Finally a case that’s made just for the Padfone 2 tablet!

The case smells leather and I can see right away that this is custom-made to fit the Padfone 2 tablet perfectly. The backcover is hardened and then covered with the custom-made leather of your choice. It looks and feels just like an exclusive book.

Padfone 2 fit’s right in

“Yeah, I’ve got you covered”
The Padfone 2 tablet fits like glove and the padded front cover closes like a book, protecting the screen just like it should. It even has a magnetic lock that clicks with that sound of “Yeah, I’ve got you covered”.

“Yeah, I’ve got you covered”.

This is a case where you can leave your tablet in forever. It’s just as easy as before to slide out your phone in and out. Just snap up the magnetic lock and slide out your phone. This case is made by people who know how the padfone 2 tablet works and made a case for you, the user.


It’s sturdy yet smooth to hold due to the padded leather. It feels like it’s protecting my Padfone 2 tablet and it looks exclusive. Like most cases it can be used like a stand for your tablet. The big difference is Noreve decided not to invent the wheel again.

Just open the cover, detach the lower part of your tablet and it stands. (Some of you might remember the ASUS case.. You had to be a rocket scientist to use it, and even they had problems). And it stands firmly with three cutouts to adjust the viewing angle to your choice.

This is the first case in a long time for any tablet I reviewed that actually got this right – I’m impressed

This is how it’s done – no mess, no fuzz

So is there anything negative to say? No, actually I can’t find anything bad with the Noreve hand-made case for the Padfone 2 tablet. If you are in the market for one – look no further. Visit and order one with the color and material that fits your style!

So what about the phone?
I’m not normally using covers for my phone but that has actually changed since I tried out the one from Noreve. You could however do just fine without one as long as you have a cover for your tablet and then just slide in your phone for protection.



Same principle as with the tablet case. hardcase covered in soft leather with a front flip-up cover with padded leather to protect your screen. No magnetic lock on this one, just a piece holding down your phone and snaps the front cover in place.

Push and the front cover snaps in place

Just like this – easy as pie

Like with the Padfone 2 tablet case, it’s custom-made to fit the phone with cutouts for booth the speaker and the backside camera. The speaker cutout even have a little dust cover grill attached – nice touch that makes it look very stylish.


On my way to band practice – listening to music

Walking – my favorite pass time. Helps me think 

The Padfone 2 slides perfectly in the case, and you can tell it’s custom-made for this phone – it always stays there firmly locked in no matter what I do. I found my myself more and more just walking with it in my hand as the case feels and looks so good.


So what’s negative? Not much to be honest. But if I should try to find anything it would be that the cover opens in the bottom and covers the charging port. This means your case has to be open when you charge your phone. Why did you miss that Noreve? You made it right on the tablet case. I’m confused..

No cutout for the charger in the bottom? WTF?

If you want to charge – you’ll have to open the cover.

This is of course no deal breaker. But it matters.

Finally I can feel equally stylish as my noob iPhone friends.
Regardless, the Padfone 2 hand-made leather case is a no brainer if you are looking for a stylish case for your Padfone 2. The overall build quality is top of the line and the cases both looks and feels exclusive. They protect booth your tablet and your phone perfectly but my personal favorite is the tablet case – it feels just like holding an expensive book in your hand. Finally I can feel equally stylish as my noob iPhone friends.

Get yours here –

Thank you Noreve!
If there’s a case like this for the Padfone Infinity I’m yours forever!


10 thoughts on “Custom made Leather case for your Padfone 2 and tablet!

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  2. Does the tablet cover fit when the padfone infinity is docked? It looks like a really nice cover but I’m concerned that the lense on the infinity will be covered by leather on the back…

  3. No when the phone itself is docked it will have to be without it’s own case. It’s a “snap-out” so it’s easy to remove when u need to to put it in the padfone station (and the case on the padfone station never needs to come off). The camera lense will never be covered either way.

  4. I also bought the phone case for my Padfone 2 and there is now a cutout for the charger!
    The case for the Station has been ordered today!

  5. After more than 4 months of use, I can say that the quality is poor, the anthracite color is becoming black in all the corners. The kind of leather, because I have some doubt about what it really is, is delaminating from the aluminium frame… and this aluminum frame reduce a lot the quality of reception of the phone, sometimes to nothing.
    I am really really dissatisfied of this stuff… made in China, only the most expensive one is assembled in France.
    For the price the expected quality is not there… it is just rubbish

  6. Hey Christian!
    Really? I have used it, and still use it for my padfone 2 and I Think it still rocks. Have you found any better alternative please let me know.

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  8. Now if only there was a case for the Padfone-X marketed in the United States… I would kill to get this case for my Padfone-X

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