Short comment on the ASUS RT-AC87U


Been running this for a week now (7 days uptime) without any problem at all.
With two Netflix addicts and me being an online gamer it’s an important job being a router in our family – and so far, the RT-AC87U are doing great!

The setup
The setup is easy enough for anyone (like my mom), connect it and just run a browser (any of them) and you will by default be guided with help of QIS (Quick Internet Setup), no router adress or IP required, the QIS autostarts and takes care of everything for you. In three easy steps you will be online with the basic settings.

Advanced configuration
Well inside you have as much parameters to tinker with as you please or guides that help you if you want to keep it simple – the choice is yours. In under 15 minutes i had QoS (Quality of Service) set up making online games run smooth while the rest of the family watch Netflix. A secure WiFi with a secure guest net separated from my home network (with a 23 hour lease timer for guests). 5 minutes after that I had a USB drive and a printer connected.

The quality of service (QoS) feature is the single main reason I bought the RT-AC87U.
It can recognize the type of client that connects to the router and prioritize network traffic accordingly. A gaming console or a VoIP device, for instance, will automatically be assigned higher priority than a PC’s Torrent session. It can be configured by easy drag and drop of services in a priority order – or tweaked for specific clients etc. It’s all up to you. And it works flawless. A week in Battlefields while the rest of the family streams Netflix is proof enough, it’s by far the best “gaming router” i owned.

Parental control
I’m no fan of parental controls myself, my family have no need for it. We discuss the Internet, just like we discuss health, food, sleep, movies, books and music and it have worked out fine so far with two grown up kids who are doing great and a teenager still living at home. However – I know it can be the only way for some familys. The RT-AC87U have in my opinion the best and easiest parental controls in the router market.
I wont go in to the specifics but you can check it out here:

In short the ASUS RT-AC87U is easy enough for anyone to use or advanced enough for a hardcore network nerd. The price however is steep, and if it’s only the parental controls or the easy setup you want there are other alternatives, like the asus rt-N66u.