TF600T versus TF700T

“Asus TF600T Win8 RT” versus “Asus TF700T Android”
Aww damn this is hard as hell. The TF600 is smaller (still 10,1). Not much, but actually just enough to make it perfect for my hands. The formfactor on the 600 feels really optimized and somtimes the 700 can feel a bit to big actually. But that’s all about preferences.

If you like a more indepth view on the TF600, check out my “month with ASUS TF600” review

The TF600 feels overall sturdier, and the screen fits alot better at the edges while the TF700 feels a bit flexible and screen can be a bit soft in the corners (known problem). The TF700 just feels way to easy to break. While the TF600 have more of that iPad feeling.

TF600 ontop of a TF700 – if they make babies
it might be a Galaxy S3 running WP8..

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New I8700XXKI3 firmware for Omnia 7

If you have a Samsung Omnia 7 you might experianced problems with 3G+ etc.

Problems with Omnia 7 in combination with Telia
In sweden we had serious problems with the Omnia 7 when using it with the operator Telia.
Well, since the Mango update for Wp7 it’s getting a bit better – from beeing a totally useless phone, we now can use the Omnia 7 as a phone – but now we cant sync marketplace or our skydrive on 3G+.

God news!
Seems like a solution is on the way, I just tried the latest fw I8700XXKI3 released by a french operator and things got a whole lot better. Been using this fw for the last 24h and it turned out to be a big improvement. On the downside your language is set to french and you get some operator specific programs installed after the update, but it’s easely fixed and programs can be uninstalled. You even get to keep all your settings and saved content, but i recommend a factory reset just because it’s allways fun with a freshly installed phone 🙂

Nothing to loose
You will however void the warranty on your Omnia. In my case I have been using my HTC Throphy anyway, since the the combination Omnia 7 and Telia is totally useless as is.
So i had nothing to loose really. If you wanna try it out yourself it’s very easy to do even if a you have moderate skills in updating a phone.
remember it’s not the entire OS but only the firmware for your phone that get’s updated so i say go for it!

Download the firmware

download the WPupdate tools

– Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware ( in the same folder as the tools (WP7 Update Cab Sender).
– Plug in your device, wait until the Zune client starts and then close it.
– Run the the Updater and press S or B (depending on the size of your balls..)
– your phone will then reboot in download mode and update (don’t unplug it or do stupid
things with your PC during the whole process..)

So far, so good
And so far the result is much better, no calls with robot or modem voice and it seems to use 3g+ as it should for data traffic when needed. However i have a feeling the connectivity to 3g overall is a bit “hazy” and it it switches to Edge in places my HTC has “ok” 3G connectivity.. But overall im happy with the new fw and we can only hope Telia and Samsung (for unbranded) will release the updated firmware later this fall for all of us.

WP7 update closing in!

Next update for Windows Phone seems to be close now – Some pretty cool performance tweaks by how the OS handles the memory – this infact effects every single app. And yes “Copy & Paste” will be there.

Look at thoose phones race against eachother – beats sports any day!