Mussorgsky 0.4 – A must have for any serious N900 owner

List your media content, pick album and Mussorgsky 0.4 suggests cover

“Many are called but few are choosen”
When it comes to developing – the simplest idea can be far greater then the most advanced programs as long as it solves a problem for people, simplifying their everyday life for real.

Album cover art should be simple enough on any mediaplayer device, yes?
I have come across a lot of solutions to this problem, everyting from renaming a ceartin file and a image file, from downloading a complex program to your computer to manage your media on your N900.

What all the solutions above have in common is – they all suck as hard as a hooker trying to suck a golf ball thru a garden hoose..

Pick album cover from the suggested covers, or reset your cover back to blank

This is the power of maemo!
Now this is not your everyday phone/computer/media player – this is the N900. And if Nokia can’t provide,  then someone else will. In this case Ivan Frade shows us that album cover art on the N900 is a simple matter and no rocket science with the Mussorgsky 0.4 app.
This is the power of maemo!

Behold – Mussorgsky 0.4
install, select album, pick suggested album cover art from the internet and voiala! Your albums all have nice covers.
I had Album covers fixed for my 200+ albums in about 5 minutes after I picked up this one from the extras-devel repository.

Mussorgsky 0.4 – A must have for any serious N900 owner

I salute you Ivan Frade – pay tribute by visiting he’s blog