Xperia Tablet Z (4G) – or the XTZ for short

Just got my hands on the Xperia Tablet Z (4G) with Android 4.2 – or the XTZ for short.
Expect a full review with loads of images any week now.

Android 4.2 in the works

Looks good – feels even better!


Jelly Bean 4.2 for ASUS TF700 is out!


Keep pressing that update button!

Upgrade to Android Jelly Bean 4.2
• Multiple account login for up-to 4 user accounts
• ASUS Screen Saver in DayDream Feature

New app:
• Parental Lock
• New Camera AP

New function:
• Lock screen wallpaper

• New UI for ASUS IME.
• Set Ethernet settings as default ON.

IME Settings (TW/CN SKU only)
For users who have modified the default ASUS IME settings in Jelly Bean 4.1, hand-writing IME will be OFF by default, and users will have to turn it on in the IME Settings after upgrading to Jelly Bean 4.2

The update also brings:
New widgets (including lockscreen widgets), better looking fonts, a new software keyboard (like the one on the MeMO Pad Smart), and “general improvements to overall performance.”

4 weeks with the ASUS PadFone 2


Four weeks ago I decided to change my phone and tablet for the 2 in 1 solution from ASUS – the PadFone 2. Not only was this to be a change of one gadget for another, but a complete change of echo system. Over the past weeks I have tried to answer questions here on the blog, on forums, twitter, facebook and by mail. The result of that (and my own continuous use of the PadFone 2) has resulted in reviews, guides and tips.I even made some new friends in the process.

This is my sum up of the past four weeks with the ASUS Padfone 2 in a new and scary echo system.. Can a windows guy go “Android”?
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New Firmware released for Padfone 2

New firmware released for PadFone2
Firmware: V10.4.12.24 Only for WWE SKU (Android 4.1)


1. Enhanced PadFone 2 and PadFone 2 Station performance and stability
2. Improved Wi-Fi connection and stability
3. Upgraded the
camera’s firmware and optimized the camera’s HDR and automatic brightness control functions
4. NFC file sharing on ASUS Studio
5. Added ASUS Story
6. Support of Tomb Jewels
7. Improved the Weather Time widget
8. Improved Email’s editing function
9. Improved Contacts app
10. Improved the Battery widget’s battery display function
11. Optimized the instant translation interface
12. Added SMS samples
13. Optimized the lock screen interface

You can either check you phone by pressing settings/about Padfone/System Firmware Update or download it manually from here

“My Ricomagic Mini PC won’t start”

So I regularly check what people search for when getting to my blog,  one big topic (Besides ASUS stuff) seems to be problems with the Ricomagic Mini PC MK802 IIIS, and the term “”My Ricomagic Mini PC won’t start” or “Freezes on boot screen”.


“Why the fuck doesn’t anyone write an easy guide in English for this shit?”
I can’t help myself, but whenever I see stuff like this with products I use myself, I just have to check if I can replicate the problem, and then hopefully fix it.. I won’t go any deeper into how you can “crash” your Ricomagic, but lets just say that cutting the power to it over and over again in certain situations will help.. 😛

With the Ricomagic MK802IIIs there’s really only one solution to any boot-up or software problem – Firmware recovery/upgrade. Easy enough? Sure, the problem is really not upgrading the actual firmware – it’s getting the right one and then read the instructions in Chinese or in best case “Engrish”..

I ended up with “Why the fuck doesn’t anyone write a easy guide in English for this shit?“. And then it hit me, I’m “Anyone“..

How to recover/upgrade your Ricomagic MK802 IIIS in three steps
You will do this in three steps, 1. the software part, 2. the hardware driver installation and last, 3. recovery/upgrade. Keep reading below!
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Padfone Infinity announced today!

ASUS just announced the Padfone Infinity @Barcelona

Will this be the next phone sued by Apple?

Like the previous PadFone, it slips into a tablet-like dock, allowing you to get both a phone and a tablet. This time we get Android 4.2 from start, a bigger  5 inch display. The resolution is now 1080p (up from 720p), with a PPI of 441. The Infinity station 10.1-inch screen has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 with a brightness of 400 nits. To power it all a quad-core, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 chip with an Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

You getting excited yet?

It will be yours for just €999 (yes that’s “only” 8 800 swedish krona..)

ASUS PadFone 2 review


It’s always a tricky thing launching combo concept’s. The idea of having a Phone transform into a tablet might have its perks, but the fear of getting a “cramped” tablet could prove to be a deal breaker. Is this the “second coming of Christ” or just another cool gadget that will end up in the box where old gadgets go to die?

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