Unplanned But Exciting Event!

For those of you no longer present in Anarchy Online, someone got ahold of an account with GM powers and proceeded to have fun with it on the live servers for a period of almost two hours.

” this individual really did go out of his way to put on a spectacular show with special guest stars like The Beast and Tarasque making special appearances in Borealis.”


I wish i still was in the game to se that – but then again… naaah!
Playing AO 2011 would be like using pen and paper sending mail the oldschool way – just plain stupid!

In from the cold..

Remember my rant about GFB and BF2142?
Well it finally looks like im in from the cold and got unbanned.. Last night I even ended up in the same team as the fucker who kick-banned me earlier for doing absolutly nothing. This time I even got a “Hey Flex” over the VOIP. Jesus christ im so lucky!! 😉

I never use VOIP though – what’s there to say? Kill every mofo on the other team pronto – and hold thoose silos!

It’s vacation finally and that means i’ll be hanging all night playing BF2142 and other games. Besides that it’s only rock ‘n’ roll with the band!

Life sux – and so do all of you! 😉


So im back in the anarchy..

Blackmoore back in Anarchy Online once again – on a new account since my previous got banned..

So once more i take my first steps on Rubi-Ka.. This time Blackmoore, tank as always, will try out he’s luck on a so called “froob” account. It’s free, and it’s classic.