EA Master Server disconnects!

The last two weeks this has been the huge issue plauging the BF2142 community.
The game has been more or less impossibe to play unless youre hardcore like me and just have to have your fix!

So what’s up with this shit?
It’s not a local client problem and it’s likley the result of the GameSpy server move last week. Last time they moved 2003 and 2007 we had to live with this shit for over a month..

Anyway last night i actually had a playable night with a minimum of disconnects, so mayby this is almost over.
I’ll keep you posted!

Update: Woot! I actually played a whole game without getting disconnected!

A bunch of old men, drinking beer and trying to play BF2142

Been missing out on a lot of things lately. The Heatwave over europe is making life unbareable for us computer geeks. My Windows Home Server having a hard time in the heat – thinking about moving it out to the garage.. Gaming is hard when the world around you is brighter then a thousand suns..

Kicked of the server from hell
Anyway, last night i got my ass kicked from the TAF clan server lol!
Got in a team with one of their admins, an aggitated english drunk who kept on screaming orders over VOIP and making absolutley no sense at all.

We all tried our best to hear what the fuck he was on about and managed to hear “attack one” – so i got Silo one, killing every1 there and managed to hold it while going back and forth to other silos taking them to just to “fuck things up” for the other team. The drunk english whore kept on screaming making no sense at all, one of my team mates tried to ask him in the chat what he was on about with no result. So finally he said “Right, im kicking you Flex!” so I got a “Kicking for not listening”.  And i was like – “YES! finally, thankyou god!”

Beeing kicked out from a server with a bunch of old men, drinking beer and trying to play BF is hardly a punishment – it’s a fucking release. What a fucking bunch of loosers, I’ll never play there again lol.

Some cool music with Billy Sheenan
And i have been missing out to update “This weeks Spotify”, it’s turning in to “This months spotify” soon – but I have been listening a lot to Billy Sheehan’s Neo-fusion trio “Niacin”.

Check out this great song from them

If you havent heard of Billy Sheehan yet. he was the former baseplayer of Mr. Big and played with David Lee Roth with Steve Vai.
http://www.billysheehan.com/ I recommend giving him a chance if you like music in a serious way.

A warning thou – dont play music on spotify while gaming, It has got me killed more then a few times..

Well im off to the pool getting some water spalshed over me and a bit of sun!


In from the cold..

Remember my rant about GFB and BF2142?
Well it finally looks like im in from the cold and got unbanned.. Last night I even ended up in the same team as the fucker who kick-banned me earlier for doing absolutly nothing. This time I even got a “Hey Flex” over the VOIP. Jesus christ im so lucky!! 😉

I never use VOIP though – what’s there to say? Kill every mofo on the other team pronto – and hold thoose silos!

It’s vacation finally and that means i’ll be hanging all night playing BF2142 and other games. Besides that it’s only rock ‘n’ roll with the band!

Life sux – and so do all of you! 😉