The most trolled mmo in history

So “Vanguard – Saga of heroes” just went “Free to play” on steam.. Or did it?
Anyone remember Vanguard? One of the most anticipated games to be released in January 2007? Vanguard, beeing the brainchild of Brad McQuaid (formerly Everquest) came with very high expectations among MMO fans and the press. Right after the release it came clear the game had some serious problems and some months after that we all realized not only the game had problems..

Crash and Burn
On May 14, 2007, the staff of Sigil Games Online were told to meet in the parking lot at 4:30PM and to take with them what they would need for the rest of the day. The employees were told that the launch of the game had not gone well, the company was in financial trouble and they were selling the company to Sony Online Entertainment. Director of Production, Andy Platter, then told the employees “You’re all fired”..

The day after Sony Online Entertainment announced that they had acquired Sigil’s “key assets”..

The most trolled mmo in history
This was the starting point for some of the most exciting trolling around a mmo seen in history. The truth about missmanagement, the fact that microsft left a 4 year long partnership with Sigil, the lack of seroius leadership by founder and visionary Brad McQuaid and then the imminent death of the game following the SOE takeover was all over forums. Players left the game,like rats leaving a sinking ship. It was exciting times – and Blackmoore was there, a proud warrior roaming the plains of Talon, fighting for honor and justice.. Both ingame and on the forums.. It was actually one of the reasons I started this blog and one of my first posts was one of dissapointment with the state of the game

A game with vision but lack of management
I had a three months sub and then I had three more (by mistake). I really enjoyed the game, sure it had some issues, but it was really a open world with some (for the time) amazing graphics. Vanguard had ideas with merit, some of them really, really good. The dimplomacy system for instance – a skill with a card game you could play against other players and gameworld AI to take control of a city or it’s resoucres. Or the Crafting system, making wepons and armour, a careful process wich had to be learned and played like a game in itself.

Diplomacy, a game within the game

It had the potential to be a really cool game but time and poor management was against it from the beginning. During the following years the game was run by SOE with a skeleton crew – releasing some minor bug fixes and some very lame content.

The crafting process. This was no “wow crafting” where you made batches of 100 while watching TV. This was a game craving interaction and skill to suceed.

I went back to Vanguard over the years, 2008, 2010 and the last time this spring 2012. But I have to be honest. The only thing this game did really good was the diplomacy system. Still I cant help myself to think of the game from time to time – missing it (or what it could have been) in some odd way..

Anyway the game is now drawing it’s last breath going F2P on steam – but be carefull, it’s only free to play untill you reach level 20.. After that it’s a full $14.99 USD/month..

Is it worth $14.99 USD/month?
Hell no!

Champions Online Goes Free2Play

Maybe not so suprising now with DCUO release, but CO never relly got me exicited. However, free is always a great thing. Yes you can still pay for the game if you want, but as a free player you are confined to one archetype instead of having the full freedom as a paying goldmember.

DC Universe Online
Personally i lost my intrest a few weeks after release for various reasons, but i’ll be sure to try it out again now that free play is here. Later thou, cuz right now im deeply hooked in DC Universe Online, and im having so much fun I can’t imagine myself playing anything else right now. But you know me, it can change as fast as the raiding content comes to an end.

And I have only “Batcave” left to do..

Play Champions Online for free!