Multi touch on the Fujitsu T4410 Tablet

Short rundown: Very responsive screen touchwise. With Windows 7 you can pretty much use it without the keyboard for almost any operation. Browsing is easy with zoom and a swipe gesture to navigate forward and backwards. Not as sturdy as the Fujitsu T5010. But as a hardcore Tablet PC user – the touch screen brings what tablets have been lacking before. For browsing, checking your mail, manage files, e-reading etc just use your finger and whenever you need to take a note in Onenote 2010 just take out you pen. Windows 7  is ofc a “must have” on every tablet and even more so on a unit with touch.

Battery life is about 6h – depending on Wifi, UMTS etc. The unit above runs with a extras battery in the modular bay instead of a DVD burner/player. A whole day of normal work is no problem.

First of all – this is no gaming laptop. It scores 3.4 in Win 7, with the GPU beeing it’s weakspot (ofc). There was no problem however streaming a full HD video over WiFi (it supports IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n), connected to our LCD TV using the HDMI out.

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Say hello to my little friend – Lifebook T5010


Going for my third tablet PC this x-mas and welcomes Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook T5010 to my family.
My wife doesen’t think we need another PC in the house, and she’s right, we don’t.
But I do..

I went for the one with built in 3G support and upgraded it to 4GB ram before i let it in the house though