My apologies to the GFB Clan.

While spending my day by the pool watching my daughter swim for endless hours, i had the chance to think a lot about the last night of playing BF2142, my GFB rant and later it’s follow up. I feel i have to make an apology to the GFB Clan.

As a token of good faith you can have my dogtag 😛

Yesterday i ended up on their new -=GFB ONE=-  Server and had a quick chat with one of their admins, Firebird666.  It was nothing special at all, we talked about my blog, where I was from etc. no big deal at all, the thing is that it made me realize that most of them are just players like me, want to have fun and above all – win fair and square and kick the living shit out of every mofo that comes in their way! Fair enough – we share that.

So guys, I still think my kicking and ban was totally unfair, but i have to admit that it’s more likely it really was a mistake on your part. Shit can get really hectic during warfare, and the server can switch sides on you faster then a bat out of hell. Or.. You can get really pissed when “Flex” lays he’s mines sneaky like hell and blows up your tank 😛

Anyway, water under the bridge . Im sorry GFB Clan – I have to admit that your server is the best out there, and I have so much fun playing on it with you guys, and some times against you :). I have learned a shitload from you guys during the years, thx.

Maybe the incident with the drunken english TAF admin last night made me realize something – theres really some stupid people out there but the GFB Clan are not one of thoose.

Be sure you chek out their new -=GFB ONE=-  Server if you want some serious action!

Luck has everything to do with it..
And to the rest of you motherfuckers out there – especially the guy yesterday screaming “Cheater” all over. If there one thing you can be 100% sure of, it’s – Flexebility never ever cheats or uses any thirdpart program to kick your ass. As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, I will kick youre ass on pure skill and most often.. pure luck hehe.


How i lost my lust for online gaming

I started with online games when most of you still were wearing dipers, back in the 90’s. I played all the original FPS games on various servers, Doom, Heretic,CS, Quake etc and then moved on to mmorpgs. I have highlevel characters with the “phatest loot” in almost every major game out there from Anarchy Online to Star Trek Online.

Games come and go and as soon as I hit the max level and raided myself sensless for the loot I move on for the next game. Im like a chinese farmer tbh, and there’s probably more then one diagnose to be made by a psyciatrist on my manic behaviour.. 

Im in it for the honor of winning fair and square and allways have been in any game.
But one game that has followed me since release is Battlefields 2142. Even while i was still raiding with my friends in world of warcraft i secretly went back every week to play my Character “Felexebility” in BF2142. Most of the players in BF2142 that have played against me would probably agree that im a fearsome oponent with some serious skills, and a fun player to fight against. I have always taken great pride (the mature player that I am) in beeing fair, no whining and most importantly I never cheat. No glithching, no exploits – nothing. It’s not my style. If I cant beat you in a fair fight you end up on my friendslist and I try again, and again, and again.. get it? Im in it for the honor of winning fair and square and allways have been in any game.

My playingstyle frustrates some people, somtimes the “wrong” people..
Needless to say my some what “manic” playingstyle frustrates some people, and somtimes people have aqused me for cheating (sorry, but im just better then you. It’s that simple), sometimes they ram me with various vechicles (and still i never ever report you to the admin, because it’s ok. Really! i can relate to the feeling), sometimes they try to vote me off the server (and that always end up with very few people voting against me, as Im a fun player and players like me and many others makes the game fun to play.

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