The aggressive gamer


So I spent the last week  in Little Big Planet with my seven year old daughter.
She is a pro gamer, I am a former Pro gamer – It’s the young meeting the old.
It’s a new generation standing on the shoulders of giants.. eh..

“The aggressive gamer”
LBP is a nice game, fun for both young and old.
In short it’s a game pretty much anyone could enjoy I guess.
But it has brought some of my daughters more darker sides to my attention, and have forced me to see a small version of myself – “The aggressive gamer”.

When I’m alone playing my games I can get pretty aggressive. Going in to some pretty ugly name calling when getting fragged by a sniper in BF2142 – taking my revenge (after having spent the last 15 minutes crawling up a hill) knifing him from behind while shouting “That will teach not to mess with me motherfucker!”..
Yes I know, It’s not pretty at all but I have at least learned to reframe from this behaviour while the rest of the family is awake.

A seven year old monster
Anyway, the last week in LBP has revealed a new gaming monster in our family, She’s seven years old, blond hair, blue eyes and when it comes to loosing she gets really, REALLY angry..

We have made a deal – we don’t use the “F” word, instead (when we loose) we shout “Bad words” to indicate that we indeed wanted to say some pretty bad words but we didn’t. But whenever she dies she blames me (LBP is a co-op game remember?). No matter where my little Sackboy are, or whatever I am doing she goes like this:

Daughter:  “Now look what you did!”
Me: “eh precious, what did I do?”
Daughter: “You got me killed, that’s what you did!”
Me: “Lol no I did not, I was just standing right there when you made that jump”
Daughter: “Yes exactly, YOU DID NOTHING TO HELP!”
And the same thing happens when I try to help her, It’s always my fault..

So last night she decided to play LBP with her mother (I was buzy knifing snipers).
My wife Is no gamer at all, but she plays anyway but prefers Guitar Hero and Rockband etc. Anyway, after 45 minutes I hear a loud argue from downstairs and after a while my daughter comes running while screaming “Daaaaaad! Can you come and replace mom? she sucks!”

Apparently It’s not always my fault..

And every new year it’s the same thing..

I cancel my CoH account again..


I canceled all my other mmo accounts as well and ended up in Battlefields 2142 as usual. I must be getting old (of course I am..) – I have no time for anything but fast paced casual gaming theese days or Playstaion 3 with my daughter.

Getting my ass kicked big time
So this weeks gaming experiance goes to Playstation 3 and Little Big Planet. After getting my ass kicked the last couple of weeks in Singstar II (big time) and Guitar Hero III and Aerosmith (not so much) by my seven year old daughter she convinced me that LBP would be a more “co-op” experiance and that she would help me past the harder levels..

Musical journeys
Spotify keeps sending me on musical journeys and this weeks album “Soul Fountain” comes from a musician called Clifford Jordan – Check it out!