Can I call you later, Im in Gotham City right now..

So you got yourself your skills, you got yourself your powers and a whole lot of laid back fun!

I got a msg on msn last night from a friend in BF (Bad Company 2) who asked me “where the hell i was”. My answer was “Im in Gotham City right now, and later this evening im goin to Metropolis..” He was like “wtf dude?..”

But it’s true, since the last 3 weeks im totally hooked on DC Universe Online (DCUO). 
SOE are Definitely on to something here, there is no really level curve, and the effort to get from level 29-30 is about the same as level 9-10. The world feels big and there’s really no sense of zooning when you fly, run or climb around in the world. The sensation is amazing when you from walking around, fighting at street level, suddenly can climb on a building, reaching the top, throw yourself out and “glide” over the city to slam down in the middle of a group of bad guys a mile away… Truly amazing.

The really sad and bad thing is the game has almost no endgame content – I realized this a week later. Im sorry, but a game that calls two (small) instances and a bunch of repeatable quests “end game content” will get no support from me. However, you will have fun getting there..

The bad
The GUI has some work left and feels very aimed at the consols, but hey I can live with that a patch or two, cuz the gameplay itself blows me away.
The chat is another issue, it sux right now, and the league chat is borke for the most of the time. But once again, I can live with that for a patch or two.

The Good
pvp is fast and often over in minutes when you meet another player in the open world, this is great. Im so bored with most games now a days, making pvp into something complicated who drags out all to long.

Teaming is easy, que up for what you wanna do, select your role and get matched with others. Raids are best done with your friends, or a guild because most people still sux bad at raiding, and have no sense of how to play the role they have. Tanks try to be dps, controllers have no idea what to control etc. You know the game, it’s the same in most mmo’s out there.

I’ts pretty much a solo game up to leve 30 (the cap right now) if you want it to be, but after that i would say there’s really not much to do if you’r not in a league or have some friends unless you wanna go for random pvp play. Gameplay is fast paced and fun and I really urge you to try it out if you are a fan of superheroes and mmo’s

Check out this climbing video to get a sense of what im rambling about


Face of Mankind is back

Maybe some of you remember the game Face of Mankind? It had grand plans years back, but the mmo community never really found it’s way into the game. Maybe the game was to complicated with 8 factions, player ruled governing etc.

Factions were led by a leader who was elected by their members and used their abilities to take colonies, make deals with other factions to help control the market or hire out as mercenaries. Individual players was citizens of the Dominion, banded together in their factions they become a force to fear.

Sounds good in theory right? Yes it was, but way to complecated in reality tbh. The game died and now it’s back again. Open Beta starts now.

Be sure to check it out!