I stopped smoking crack for RIFT

So once again Blackmoore ventures forth into another game. This time RIFT finally comes out of Beta and into “headstart” (The offical release is 4/3 in europe and 1/3 in US).

Yet another Blackmoore, this time in RIFT

The main idea is “We make a copy of a very popular mmo and make it better, with cooler graphics, smarter gameplay and make it all totally configurable so that any player can make whatever macro, UI they want”

The game was great in Beta, the game in headstart is totally awasome. It runs smooth, looks great, handles great and most important – It’s fun!
Besides the concept of “rifts” (kinda open world raids open for anyone) it’s the little things that made me fall for RIFT troughout the Beta – Like when teaming up with your friend get the question “Your friend is in another playfield, you want to go there?”. Or the connection to twitter, where the game auto tweets your achivements and sends a screenshot. etc. etc.

The only problem now is there’s not enough servers, Withefall had over 3 hours waiting time today, and It’s the same on any server now..
Trion has to seriously fix this asap!

Besides that –  this is a game any serious mmo fan has to try out for themselves tbh – so preorder now and get your head in the game!

I’ve seen my share of wow clones but wtf?!

Yet another Blackmoore goes orcish in “Allods Online”.. Or is it wow?

Allods Online cloned wow down to even the gestures – this might be a good thing for some, so I’ll leave it to you all to make your own mind up. For myself, i got bored of wow years back – and have no need for more of the same thing, especially not now with the release of RIFT in a coupple of weeks.

So with wow in mind, the graphics are pretty ok, nothing new and not really great on 1920×1200 but nice enough.
The game plays flawless, quests are ok and the russian influence makes for a pretty fresh experience.

Russian developer
Behind the game are the russian developer Astrum Nival. Founded in 2006, Astrum Nival, formerly known as Nival Online, is the leading developer and operator of free to play client-based online games in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

However Allods are “Free-To-Play” and Rift are not.
So for the young poor pathetic gamer out there, go for it. For the rest of us, it just wont cut it tbh.

“ok” pretty much sums it up – and if you like the genre and want to take a step up RIFT would be the game youre looking for.

Almost forgot a fine tradition!

Blackie was about the only “Superhero” on the server not wearing a cape and a spandex dress..

God damn! I have totally fogotten a fine old tradition I started way back in 2001 when i played Anarchy Online.
I allways saved a screenshot of a “Blackmoore” in the games i Played. when i started to blog again after a break in 2007 i tried to get this going again and now it seem it has slipped again.
So this is totally for my own sake (as i now canceled my account). A Blackie from DCUO.

P.s click on the tag “screenshot” in the tag cloud a bit down to se all the “blackmoores”. A lot more to come when i dig thru my HD`s

God times!

A Different Shade of Black(moore)

Yes  ofc there’s a Blackmoore in Warhammer.. Thoose horns look sad, no?

Been a while since I talked anything about what game I’m playing atm. Well it’s WAR of course. Yes I’m stuck in it and having fun.

After having to change server, I switched sides to chaos and had to lvl up a new character once again. But it’s fun, and from beeing a moderate pvp player I’m actually starting to enjoy pvp (or RVR in this game)

Album of the week would actually be two albums, Ramones – Rocket to Russia and Europe – Out of this world.. (Yes im strange that way, listening to almost anything).

Hey! you will find them both on Spotify of course

Out of this world

Rocket to Russia

Progression or friends

Yes you guessed it -another Blackmoore

Today i left my guild in wow, not a big deal for me tbh.

The lack of dedication and commitment to raiding was the main reason.

It’s strange though how people seems to believe that you have to make a choice between friends and proggresion in game content. I don’t have to stay in a guild to have friends, my friendslist is more than enough for that. Progression however is different, you really need to be in a dedicated guild to se some progression.

Last week i had a lot of convos with other guildes, they all wanted to do more endgame content but was afraid to leave the guild cuz of all their friends.

What’s the problem? You have a friendslist, keep in touch and do stuff together – it’s not like your’e changing server ffs..