Spotify + Symbian = Symbify or Spotian?

Finally Spotify arrives to Symbian, just in time when I’m about to enter the world of Maemo and N900.. Doh!
Anyway it’s great news and my initial test is overall positive on the Nokia E71. You need a premium account ofc (and a mobile phone.. eh).
Actually i wish they could make more applications like this for Symbian – nice, tidy, fast and easy to use (that kinda says a lot about most applications for Symbian – ugly, sucks ass and hard to use..).

Head over to with in your phones browser and see if you can run it on yours!

If youre still in doubt, head over to to check this overwiev out



With easter comming up, it’s “All play and no work” as usual! 🙂

Surfing on the Nokia 5800 is a breeze tbh, but I really miss the keyboard of the Nokia E71, there’s relly no substitute for a real keyboard, if done right. Watching video, listening to music and surfing is good fun on the 5800, Nokia even got the Facebook app to FAIL misarbly.. You still can’t upload your pictures to facebook, doh!

Facebook and Share Online
And still no support for uploading to Facebook in Nokias own “Share Online” app, wtf is up with that? I’ll tell you what’s up, it’s OVI – nokias media sharing, calendar, networking crap!

Why reinvent the wheel? What’s killing people these day are the hundreds of different applications for sharing media online, keeping track of friends etc. So Nokia decided we needed yet another one called “OVI” (!) Geez!

With the amount of people using facebook, why is it so hard to to get some support for it in “Share Online” on the Nokia devices so we can share our pictures fast and simple? Really, it’s this kind of crap that makes users wanna buy a iPhone.

Does anyone really like OVI?
This weeks msg goes out to the lead designer of the “Share Online” app. in all the Nokia Symbian devices – GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FFS! You managed to get flickr in there, now go get some support for uploading images straight to facebook. Do you really think anyone gives a **** about OVI?

When done this way, it’s no longer “Technology”, it’s “Tricknology”..

Yes you’re right I’m god damn angry!