How To: Install Windows 8 From USB Drive

Well it’s time to test out the Windows 8 dev preview – go get it here

And you will ofc wanna make a bootable USB drive

Now you need a machine to test it on – you’ll have to fix that for yourself. I dug up an a Fujitsu T5010 for the purpose. Any machine you have capable ofrunning Win 7 will do.

You might wanna Sign up for the Live Connect technical preview to to get the most out of this.


p.s. you could do this by using Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to, but it’s not as cool as the method above.. 😛
(it’s easymode so if youre just a bit unsure of what im writing about you will wanna use the tool instead)

Say hello to my little friend – Lifebook T5010


Going for my third tablet PC this x-mas and welcomes Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook T5010 to my family.
My wife doesen’t think we need another PC in the house, and she’s right, we don’t.
But I do..

I went for the one with built in 3G support and upgraded it to 4GB ram before i let it in the house though