4 weeks with the ASUS PadFone 2


Four weeks ago I decided to change my phone and tablet for the 2 in 1 solution from ASUS – the PadFone 2. Not only was this to be a change of one gadget for another, but a complete change of echo system. Over the past weeks I have tried to answer questions here on the blog, on forums, twitter, facebook and by mail. The result of that (and my own continuous use of the PadFone 2) has resulted in reviews, guides and tips.I even made some new friends in the process.

This is my sum up of the past four weeks with the ASUS Padfone 2 in a new and scary echo system.. Can a windows guy go “Android”?
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A month with ASUS Vivo Tab TF600T

For over a month now I have been trying to get by with only the ASUS TF600T – “Vivo Tab” for short. It’s actually a pretty good experience so far. Im a heavy e-mail, Skydrive, Office, Skype and browser user. Over the last year I have been feeling a little bit disappointed with iPads and Android Tablets when it comes to user experiance for me as a microsoft user when it comes to software and online services – so i bought a Windows 8 RT tablet. I dont play games on my tablet btw.
So with that said here’s my “A month with ASUS TF600T” review

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TF600T versus TF700T

“Asus TF600T Win8 RT” versus “Asus TF700T Android”
Aww damn this is hard as hell. The TF600 is smaller (still 10,1). Not much, but actually just enough to make it perfect for my hands. The formfactor on the 600 feels really optimized and somtimes the 700 can feel a bit to big actually. But that’s all about preferences.

If you like a more indepth view on the TF600, check out my “month with ASUS TF600” review

The TF600 feels overall sturdier, and the screen fits alot better at the edges while the TF700 feels a bit flexible and screen can be a bit soft in the corners (known problem). The TF700 just feels way to easy to break. While the TF600 have more of that iPad feeling.

TF600 ontop of a TF700 – if they make babies
it might be a Galaxy S3 running WP8..

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