Padfone 2 “Extreme streaming”

My ASUS TF700T are considered to be a “High-end” tablet. And one of my fears with the ASUS Padfone 2  was that the it would prove to be weak when used as a tablet.

Can the Padfone 2 stream fo real?
I already know the TF700T can stream anything you throw at it – but can the Padfone 2 handle some “extreme streaming”?

No ASUS tablets were harmed in the making of this film

Padfone 2 versus TF700T

My ASUS TF700T are considered to be a “High-end” tablet. And one of my fears with the ASUS Padfone 2  was that the it would prove to be weak when used as a tablet.

So when I got the chance to borrow a Padfone 2 I decided to pit them against each other.  It’s nothing scientific about this test at all, I’m just racing two tablets against each other as any geek would do during there free time for fun.

First out – Browser Wars

No ASUS tablets were harmed in the making of this film

TF600T versus TF700T

“Asus TF600T Win8 RT” versus “Asus TF700T Android”
Aww damn this is hard as hell. The TF600 is smaller (still 10,1). Not much, but actually just enough to make it perfect for my hands. The formfactor on the 600 feels really optimized and somtimes the 700 can feel a bit to big actually. But that’s all about preferences.

If you like a more indepth view on the TF600, check out my “month with ASUS TF600” review

The TF600 feels overall sturdier, and the screen fits alot better at the edges while the TF700 feels a bit flexible and screen can be a bit soft in the corners (known problem). The TF700 just feels way to easy to break. While the TF600 have more of that iPad feeling.

TF600 ontop of a TF700 – if they make babies
it might be a Galaxy S3 running WP8..

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One month with ASUS Infinity TF700T

So I had a month now with my ASUS Infinity TF700, and it’s JUST DOPE!
(Jelly Bean 4.1)

This is what I use it for (and it works flawless)

– Streaming 1080p material from my Windows Home Server
– Work related, mail, reading documents and minor editing (Polaris Office)
– Skype, video calls, regular calls and chat
– Web browsing with the stock browser (Android 4.1)
– Facebook, twitter, blog writing etc.

Build quality is just amazing, (it’s not built like a tank) it’s built with the design and feeling in mind foremost. Be aware, this is not a tablet you wanna drop in the floor. But it just looks amazing and it’s light weight.

The Super IPS+ screen is far better than I could hope for – I tried my fair share of screens on both tablets and phones and this kills them them all right now. The 1920×1200 resolution Full HD is very nice and watching a 1080p movie is a real treat. With the Super IPS mode activated I can even sit outside reading without problem.

The only negative I can come up with so far is the speaker. It’s placed on the back right side and in landscape mode it’s to easy to cover it with your hand. This is by far no dealbreaker, but it needs to be pointed out.

Right now I have my eyes set on the ASUS PadPhone 2 for work, but for home entertainment no one should hesitate to check out the ASUS Infinity TF700T. It just might be the best tablet around for the moment.

My quest for the perfect tablet is over


Asus Transformer Pad TF700T streaming a full HD in 1080p from my Windows Home Server. Flawless, no lag, with amazing quality..  Shit I cant ask for more. My quest for a tablet that fit my needs are over.

*edit* Before anyone asks, I use “BSplayer” to connect to my server and play my videos. The Free version works great so far.