Most anticipated right now

Shame on Sony Online!
Took me about 3-4 weeks to reach max level, and raid all the content in DC Universe Online.. phhhft..
Keep in mind that only says something about how little content the game really has, it’s amazing how long they worked on it, hyped it and how little they actually acomplished in the end.. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Yes im a little bit pissed.

The art of powerleveling

However, always looking forward to the next game, this is how i planned my gaming year in order of planned release:

Rift – Pre-ordered and allready in the Beta, having loads of fun

Brink – Pre-ordered. This game have some high expectations to live up to.

Star Wars – The old Republic. Do I even have to say anything here?

Battlefields 3 – BF, i have played every BF there is, and Im sure as hell not going to stop now!

The Secret World – will this ever be released? I really hope so cuz the game gives me goosebumps all over..

Diablo 3 – this will be great, mark my words.

So next stop Rift!

Southwest.. starting a world  event and getting the whole server killed..

The Secret World

This is kind of old news, but it’s nice to see The Secret World still being developed. I still have some hope for this game as long as Ragnar Tørnquist is still attached to it. Funcom and Anarchy Online will always have a special place in my “gaming heart”.

Anyway they released their first cinematic trailer (for what it’s worth) so check it out. There’s really no point in saying much more before we get some real ingame footage or gameplay videos.

so for now – dream on!