Hell yeah!

THQ and Vigil Games have released their Gamescom 2010 trailer, which features the game’s first announced playable race, the Imperium of Man.

“WoW clone”, “DoW clone” – Who gives a shit!
Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online (est.rel 2013) will surely be played by any Warhammer fan out there, including myself.


A Different Shade of Black(moore)

Yes  ofc there’s a Blackmoore in Warhammer.. Thoose horns look sad, no?

Been a while since I talked anything about what game I’m playing atm. Well it’s WAR of course. Yes I’m stuck in it and having fun.

After having to change server, I switched sides to chaos and had to lvl up a new character once again. But it’s fun, and from beeing a moderate pvp player I’m actually starting to enjoy pvp (or RVR in this game)

Album of the week would actually be two albums, Ramones – Rocket to Russia and Europe – Out of this world.. (Yes im strange that way, listening to almost anything).

Hey! you will find them both on Spotify of course

Out of this world

Rocket to Russia