The following error occured during Domain Name Setup

“The following error occured during Domain Name Setup:
An unexpeced error has occured communicating with the Windows Live Domains service. 80000190″

Classic problem when factory reseting you home server and trying to configure your domain name – well solution is you make sure your server is fully updated: use the Windows Home Server console application to check repeatedly for updates until none are found.

So don’t remote in, use the console – I suspect it has to do with PowerPack3 who only seems to get updated while checking via nthe console.

My quest for the perfect tablet is over


Asus Transformer Pad TF700T streaming a full HD in 1080p from my Windows Home Server. Flawless, no lag, with amazing quality..  Shit I cant ask for more. My quest for a tablet that fit my needs are over.

*edit* Before anyone asks, I use “BSplayer” to connect to my server and play my videos. The Free version works great so far.

Write a Haiku – win a server..

Write your haiku with the theme “Why I want a Home Server.” and enter the contest to win your own homeserver.

I signed up and spent the sunday writing Haiku, ok i allready have my own homeserver, but you can’t go wrong with two homeservers right? I mean two is more then one so it has to be better.. Right?..

This is me – talking to a machine..

So this morning as usual I logged in to my Windows Home Server from work. I checked for updates and it looks like HP have changed their update search GUI. The update now does the serach and lets you check and install whatever updates available from HP. I guess they prepare us for the upcoming GUI change for MediaSmart models.


The MS Windows Home Server OS update on the other hand still just steamrolls users, while checking for updates It just starts download and install a 248MB patch for .NET SP1.. I’m sure it’s all good, but hey! I want to be able to choose when and where I run and install updates on my server. The result beeing, i can’t access my files right now cuz the damn server starts doing a major update, install and restart..

Just let me know I have a update and then ask me if NOW is a good time to start patching ffs!

This is me – talking to a machine..

“Bigger is always better”

Our home is a constant growing network. With all this equipment I realized I had lost control over it. So i decided to make a networkmap over it. I am actually in chock..


I consider us to be a fairly normal family, wife, teenage kids and a techfreak husband.
I gotta find a way to shrink this.. NAS will shut down this weekend and one Switch would be sufficient with some new cables.

Anyone wanna buy a NAS, laptop and a 16 ports 3Com switch.. please..?

Who am I kidding!
To qoute my brother from a discussion we had on Skype last night:
“You know bigger is always better!”

One small step for mankind..

But a giant step for me replacing my old NAS with Windows Home Server.
Why in gods name can’t a torrent client be built in from the start, what’s so hard about it?

Here’s an excellent guide how to set up uTorrent as a service and getting the web GUI to work.

Hello HP and microsoft?
– Built in support for torrents
– Download manager
– Customizable GUI for the remote access, changing pictures, tabs etc.
– built in “step-by-step” support for creating a  FTP sevice
– built in “step-by-step” support for creating your own website

I would like to se the above add-ins supported from HP from start.

Cred for PVconnect mediaserver
Cred goes to HP though for now shipping their MediaSmart Servers with PVconnect mediaserver allready built in. A step in the right direction.

As it is now, we’re a long way from any ordinary family setting up Windows Home Server out of the box for other things then sharing their xmas pictures..

Next step on the geek agenda: Moving my FTP over to WHS



So after a week of tinkering with my new HP MediaSmart Server EX470 I’m ready to pass judgement..

The first mistake I did was comparing it to a NAS – it’s not, not by a longshot actually.
A NAS is more “Out of the box” relying on firmware rather then servicepacks and add-in software.
Yes, WHS could be “out of the box” if you only want to take regular backups, share pictures and set up user accounts. But, if you had a NAS what you really want to do is replace it with this very hot looking piece of machine (yes it looks very hot with all it’s blue lights)

The 2GB RAM upgrade
So the first thing i did was pull it apart, upgrading to 2GB of RAM, using the excellent guide at Home Server Hacks. Easy enough, and no one should be afraid to do this. Actually I’m pretty sure even my brother could have done it with the proper coaching.. Or maybe not, but my wife could have done it.

Yes you can!
upgrade the memory on HP MediaSmart Servers without voiding the HP warranty.
Check out the official statement from HP confirming this


With 2GB of RAM in place I started my tinkering. In three days i have allready used the factory reset feature (reinstall the server) six times (!). That’s how I do things, I install, test, install, try again etc and keep at it untill I’m satisfied. And the I reinstall once again just cuz I’m bored..

So what about the WHS v NAS?
Actually, right now it’s like 1-1 I still think the NAS handles torrents, logs, FTP etc much better (or should I say more out of the box). But on the otherhand when it comes to media sharing WHS smacks the NAS senseless. It can even stream album covers and playlists to the Playstation 3 for example. With some tinkering of course.. That’s just it, if you can’t handle tinkering with your stuff the WHS will never replace the NAS. But with the community out there creating add-ins etc. it’s only a matter of time before my NAS powers down for good.

The WHS can do everything a NAS can and more, it has better hardware and potential as I see it – but it all requires a fair amount of tinkering. If you can’t stand that, a NAS is still the better choice.

right now my NAS still runs my FTP and torrents. But my WHS runs pretty much everything else, webpage, remote access to my clients,backups, files, media shares etc.

My wife says it’s our new lovechild..
She’s almost right, it’s a lovechild allright, but it’s all mine..

The mother of all NAS

Finally got off my ass and orderd a HP MediaSmart Server EX470 today. Along with it I bought a 2GB Kingston stick to upgrade it right away. Do I need this machine? Hell no, but why not go all the way when replacing my Synology NAS? With Hot swapp and WHS this baby hopfully will keep my stuff safe and have enough functionality to last me over the fall.