Lumia 800 fever!

Windows Phone is not really new to me, and the Lumia 800 is actually my third wp7 device. But anyway – a new phone is a new phone.

Compared to my previous HTC Throphy and Samsung Omnia 7 it’s really a different league all together. The Lumia is superior in both quality and design, and Nokia has som real killer apps like “Nokia Drive” and “Maps”. But compared to my Galaxy S2 the match is more even.. and im really havin a hard time choosing one of them (luckly i dont have to)

So right now it’s Lumia 800 for work and Galaxy S2 for play

WP7 update closing in!

Next update for Windows Phone seems to be close now – Some pretty cool performance tweaks by how the OS handles the memory – this infact effects every single app. And yes “Copy & Paste” will be there.

Look at thoose phones race against eachother – beats sports any day!