This is a ongoing log of my journeys online – a diary? No not really. A log over what games I am playing, what hardware I’m tinkering with and my ideas in general.
I write for me, but you are inivted to read if you like. I like to write whatever comes into mind, some times I will use harsh language. If you feel offended please let me know so I can keep on not giving a fuck.

Besides my gaming addiction, im a father, techfreak and a very strange man according to my wife. I have played the guitar for about 32 years now, and it’s safe to say I sold my soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll.. Over 20 years with http://www.paleriders.se/

I work as a Application manager with 30k users aimed towards “learning”. LMS is my daily profession. But i try not to let it come near this blog.

“Blackmoore” is one of my first avatars I used for gaming (since around 1995) in mainly mmo’s. I decided to name my blog after him since I had some crazy idea I would blog from and about the games I (he) played. Or maybe I just thought it sounded cool at the time – I can’t remember. Pretty soon i realized I just like to write whatever goes thru my head and this was a perfect way to keep myself sane while keeping my written english alive. You will find some funny spelling. Just  please bare with me, as english is not my native language.

Join me on twitter for more harsh language (mostly swedish)

Been playing online games, fps mayhem since 1995 and still going strong.
I remember when there was no Internet and no cell phones – unimaginable yes?

You can come in contact with me at http://about.me/mattias.sjoholm using the “Email Me” button and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Mattias – 2013

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