Im one of the god guys

To the guy complaning about suppression yesterday while trying to justify
sniping from a glitched spot behind a train in metro.

“Feel free to leave any comments but dont expect any apologies – if I pissed you off ingame you’re probably a asshole that deserverd it.”

quote from my BF3 chat yesterday with.. well you guessed it, a complete asshole..

If you’re that guy, whining about supression while trying to snipe medics.. FUCK YOU!

Yet another Blackmoore – getting ready to supress youre ass

So right now there’s a lot of Battlefields 3 in my life – a whole lotta shootin goin on!
BF3 will have me goin untill The Secret World, Diablo3 comes out. Maybe I’ll try Tera, but the game seems gay tbh. I’ll prolly have to buy a game or two in the comming 2 months to keep me from gettin’ war related traumatization..

Suppression is a tactic and a game in itself
There’s a lot of talk about suppression since the last patch in BF3, that it’s overpowered and ruins the game. That’s pure bullshit! Suppression is a tactic and a game in itself. For the non BF3 gamer it goes like this. When fired upon, u get suppressed, looses some vision (screen gets blurred) and you loose your aim. The one that supresses gets a small amount of points for keeping the enemy supressed.

Pressing the enemy back
Used carefully and strategic, u can supress an entrance for example or a enemy in cover. This is best done with heavy machinegun fire using a bipod stand. U might not score any (or many) kills, but a continously small point reward AND making it possible for your team to advance up and pressing the enemy back.

You WILL loose your aim, vision and in the long run get yourself killed by death
On the other hand, if youre a sniper just wanna sit in a bush outside the entrance, sniping at people I can see how supression gets enoying as you WILL loose your aim, vision and in the long run get yourself killed by death, unless you move your ass away from LOS (Line Of Sight).

So if you’re that guy, whining about supression while trying to snipe medics..

You can find me here if you wanna get your ass suppressed and find yourself in a world of hurt constantly crying.


Most anticipated right now

Shame on Sony Online!
Took me about 3-4 weeks to reach max level, and raid all the content in DC Universe Online.. phhhft..
Keep in mind that only says something about how little content the game really has, it’s amazing how long they worked on it, hyped it and how little they actually acomplished in the end.. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Yes im a little bit pissed.

The art of powerleveling

However, always looking forward to the next game, this is how i planned my gaming year in order of planned release:

Rift – Pre-ordered and allready in the Beta, having loads of fun

Brink – Pre-ordered. This game have some high expectations to live up to.

Star Wars – The old Republic. Do I even have to say anything here?

Battlefields 3 – BF, i have played every BF there is, and Im sure as hell not going to stop now!

The Secret World – will this ever be released? I really hope so cuz the game gives me goosebumps all over..

Diablo 3 – this will be great, mark my words.

So next stop Rift!

Southwest.. starting a world  event and getting the whole server killed..